It is an all-in-one IP PBX that includes all the basic elements you need to build a phone system, that is controlled by a fully-featured

 web-GUI which makes it very easy to use and deploy.

 The power & flexibility of Free-PBX comes from the dozens of feature add-ons (which we call ‘commercial modules’) that allow you

 to add individual features to Free-PBX, tailored to your business needs, as you scale. Add features such as Zulu Desktop and soft

 phone integration, CRM integration, Call-Center features, High Availability & more!

 Free-PBX features:

•         Interactive Voice Response (IVR) & Calling Queues (ACD) Caller ID Support

•         Call Recording Reports

•         Announcements

•         Find Me / Follow Me Calling

•         Support for Video Calling, Fax to E-mail, Soft phone Support

•         Built-in VPN for remote employees connecting to the corporate PBX

•         security guaranteed

•         T1/E1, analog and BRI lines or SIP trunks.

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