Call center is often the first point to contact your customer encounters.
A great call center is the first step in great customer service
Improve Call Center Processing Operations

   Enhanced IVR:        

o        Custom greetings for your call-in customers.

o        Direct dial capabilities.

o        Special callers can break through to a special extension.

      Automatic Call Distribution allows you to:

o        Prioritize specific customer groups above others.

o        Automatically move longer waiting customers to roll-over queues.

o        Caller-ID-Name prefixing.

o        Multiple ring strategies.

o        Agent announcement.

       Call Recording Reports:        

o        Q-Xact Reports provide management with reports for call distribution.

o        Service thresholds, disconnects and more, all from the PBX Web GUI Call Recording reports Help

o        Guarantee customer satisfaction.

o        Easy to use Web GUI

o        Driven search and filter capabilities.

o        Built-in archiving

Enhanced Call Center Customer Satisfaction

•        Queue Call Back (callers can optionally disconnect their call once they are placed into queue and retain their position.)

•        Music-On-Hold (Insert a custom message in your IVR to greet inbound callers with special messaging to advise them of news. Great for service outage periods.)

•        Caller Announcements (Enrich a call-in customer’s experience by periodically notifying them of their position in the queue)

Improve Call Center Processing Operations

Call Monitoring

Operator Panel (The XactView Operator Panel provides call center management with a live view of call center metrics, agent activity and the ability to barge-in and move callers through the queue)

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