We work in partnership with our customers in various industries, advising how to use IT solutions in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. And to improve the structure and efficiency of IT solutions. IT Consulting solution from Franco Pinto provides:

IT Evaluation weak and sensitive areas in your IT system with the potential for security risk are pinpointed by our technicians to create a customized solution that’s built to fit your company.

IT Establishment install your unique IT plan, using trusted vendor partnerships and strategic planning so you’re in step with the very best IT solution available.

Management and Administration – we recommend custom security strategies to ensure your business could survive the worst.

Technical Support

LIt’s not working” is never somethin you want to hear – especially when it’s about your business systems. When issues arise, you want someone on hand fast, whether they’re in your office or at the other end of the phone, to provide the support you need to help get everything back up and running again as quickly as possible. Our widely experienced technical support team approach everything with a ‘can do attitude’ to deliver solutions to our customers no matter what the query, leaving you and your team free to get on with running your business. We employ the right people, business partners, processes and technology to proactively meet your needs with our around-the-clock remote support uses

On Time Delivery

With a “can do“ attitude, we are always there to deliver on our customer promise, whatever it takes. with a history of delivering bespoke

Managed Services

Our services vision is based on growing your business to remain competitive, our MS let you focus on the core business objectives: generating leads, growing sales, keeping customers happy and tapping new sources of revenue instead of having to focus on growing technical staff capabilities.

Professional Training

We believe in empowering our customers with all knowledge and skills they need. when buying a product we sell you knowledge and not just the product and it’s manual

Installation & Configuration

Our installation and configuration Services helps you maintain higher IT performance. Our robust, flexible services designed to prevent problems and resolve issues more quickly by protecting your IT environment. At Franco Pinto Smart Solution, we guarantee rapid, reliable and robust information technology solutions that work