Network Monitering

Network Monitoring

A Network Monitoring Software That Is Powerful and Easy To Use.

PRTG Network Monitor is a network monitoring tool that assures the availability of network components and measures traffic and use. 

PRTG monitors your whole IT infrastructure 24/7 and alerts you to problems before users even notice.

PRTG Network Monitor monitors Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS systems. The solution supports SNMP, WMI, Flow monitoring, as well as packet sniffing, and monitoring of IPv6 devices. It offers wide range pre-built sensors specifically designed for QoS monitoring, website monitoring, email monitoring, application monitoring, database monitoring, monitoring of virtual environments, and much more.

Features of PRTG

  • Automatically discovers your network
  • Alerts you before emergencies occur
  • Network Monitoring for Professionals
  • Installs in 2 minutes
  • Support for Customization
  • High Performance Design and High Security Standards
  • In-Depth Reporting
  • Easy to Understand and Multi Language Interface
  • Data Publishing and Maps
  • Distributed Monitoring Using Remote Probes
  • PRTG Cluster Failover Solution

System Requirements

We recommend that you run the PRTG core server as well as all remote probes directly on x64 PC/server hardware

(not older than 2 years)

On Windows Server 2012 R2 having .NET Framework 4.5 or later installed.

There are many parameters that influence the performance and stability of PRTG, but for the vast majority of PRTG users the following sizing recommendations for the hardware of the PRTG server work fine.

You Can Access Your PRTG Installation with Your Android & IOS device !

PRTG is available for iOS and Android software, connects your mobile, tablet, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your PRTG.

Use your Android based mobile device as a PRTG Mini Probe for monitoring and get a mobile perspective of your network!

With a PRTG mobile probe installed on a tablet or smartphone you can, for example, get information about connection times from your device to an email server, wireless LAN (WiFi) coverage, or environmental data.